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Exeter Public Cemetery District
Flower and Memorial Policy

Adopted by the Exeter Public Cemetery District’s Board of Trustees

Cemetery Hours: DAWN TO DUSK

Dear Friends,
The placement of flowers on the graves of our loved ones is a time-honored tradition. It is an expression of love and remembrance to those who have passed from this life, and it is a beautiful and effective memorialization.

Items Not Allowed On Headstones Or On Gravesites:

  • Stones/Pebbles or Any Rock Of Any Type.
  • No More Than Two (2) Balloons Per Headstone.
  • Items Hung in Trees.
  • Glass Vases.
  • Fencing Around Headstone or Gravesite of Any Type.
  • No Shields/Domes or Makeshift Shrines on Headstones.
  • No Fake Grass Around Headstone/Memorial or Gravesite.
  • Rose Bushes/Trees/or Any Plant of Any Type Around Headstone or Gravesite.
  • Items Will Not Be Allowed to be Placed in The Ground on The Gravesite (Only Around Top of Headstone).

Items Allowed But With Limited Quantities:

  • Solar Lights: Two (2) Solar Lights Per Top of Headstone. No More Than 12in. Tall. Shall Be Placed Only at Top of Headstone.
  • Vases: If Possible Use Only Vases Built in Headstone/Memorial. For Headstones Without Vases, No More Than Two (2) Non-Breakable Flat Bottom Vases on Headstone/Memorial.
  • Flowers: Artificial or Fresh Flowers Should Be Placed in Vases Only. No Flowers Will Be Allowed in The Ground Around Headstone/Memorial, or on The Gravesite In Any Way, Shape, or Form.
  • Statues/Trinkets/Other Personal Items: Two (2) Items Per Headstone or Gravesite.
  • Flags and Pinwheels: Flags, Pinwheels, and Other Decorations on a Stick May Be Placed in the Vases on the Headstone. If It Is Not Possible, a Maximum Of One (1) Per Grave May Be Placed at the top of the Headstone or Gravesite. This also includes Personal Made Flags.
  • Crosses: One (1) Cross Per Headstone. Cross May Not Exceed 3Ft. Must Be Removable For Maintanence Purposes. Absolutely No Lights, Ribbons, Or Items Of Any Type Hung From Crosses.

All Items Listed Above Must Be Soley Around Headstone. All Other Items Will Be Discarded By Cemetery Staff.

All Of These Rules And Regulations Will Be Strictly Enforced And Exeter Public Cemetery Staff And Management Will Not Be Held Responsible For Items That Are Removed.

All Unsightly And/Or Unauthorized Objects Will Be Discarded Every Monday Morning Except The Following Holidays:

  1. New Years Day
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. St. Patrick’s Day
  4. Easter Sunday
  5. Mother’s Day
  6. Memorial Day
  7. Father’s Day
  8. 4th Of July
  9. Labor Day
  10. Halloween/ Dia De Los Muertos
  11. Veteran’s Day
  12. Thanksgiving Day
  13. Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day
  14. New Years Eve

Decorations For The Previously Mentioned Holidays Will Be Picked Up One (1) Week Following The Said Holiday.

Other Then Regular Burials And Graveside Services, All Celebrations Of Life And/Or Family Gatherings Over Three (3) People Must Be Brought To And Approved By The Cemetery Management At Least One (1) Week Beforehand.

Thank You For Your Understanding And Cooperation As We Continue To Work On Keeping The Exeter Public Cemetery’s Pristine Beauty.

Any Questions Regarding The Above Rules And Regulations May Be Answered At The Front Office Or By Calling The Exeter Public Cemetery District At (559)592-3067.